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Beanies - Day 1, 16th April by Chammadai Beanies - Day 1, 16th April :iconchammadai:Chammadai 1 2 Watching the Waves (Priscilla) by Chammadai Watching the Waves (Priscilla) :iconchammadai:Chammadai 4 0 Blue Dress and Patent Shoes, walking downstairs by Chammadai Blue Dress and Patent Shoes, walking downstairs :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0
Now I See the Sky
Now I See the Sky
Rainfall, though no cloud gathers
No flowers grateful for this fall
This rain won't cleanse the stains
Still falling, raising shrapnel spray
This dawnlit sight is new to me
Sunlight burns too deep this morning
A clarity I never knew to dread
I never thought to fear to see the sky
That rain so nearly fell here
Their shelter didn't hold
A gentle pitter-patter all we hear
Where soon before was laughter
The storm comes again, too soon
To breach a new horizon.
Last night I wished for stars
Only now I see the sky
All joy soon washed away
New frescoes painted red
All joy now washed away
Ones I loved now vacant blue
Now I see the sky
Now I see the sky
All around, a forest grows
From beds of asphalt, hard-core stem
Branched in girders, leafless grey
Choked by dust, I breathe the pollen
These trees are barren, rust for green
Cracked and fallen, stranger fruit
And where are leaves for coils of steel?
Blazing summer's autumn burnt away
A blossom once, who had a name
:iconchammadai:Chammadai 1 0
Smoke Machine
Smoke Machine
Did you see it?
It was nothing, move move along.
It was nothing, I said,
Shut your eyes and move along!
Did you see it?
Something happened, I can tell
From the faces of the witness,
From the lips that cannot tell.
Did you see it?
It was nothing, move move along.
It was nothing, I said,
Shut your mouth and move along!
Did you see it?
Something happened, I can tell
From the faces of the witness,
From the lips that dare not tell.
Did you see it in the face
Did you see it in the tears
Of the faithful so betrayed?
In the fear and freezing rain?
For nothing happened here
No bloodstain was washed away
No deterrent shot to fend
No detergent sprayed to cleanse
Nothing happened here,
Nothing happened here.
Did you see it?
It was right there in the street
It was right there, I saw,
We were watching, we saw!
Did you see it?
We were watching, all and you.
Surveillance is our purpose
You may see but our sight's yours.
Did you see it?
It was right there in the street
We were watc
:iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0
It Is Not Yet Autumn
(Began August 2009, finished May 2013)
It is not yet autumn,
Still we choke on fumes,
Breathe a bitter air,
Taste carbonic fog.
Our throats are numb to loss,
Our stomachs ulcered hard.
We shall not feel a thing
When sepsis settles in.
Pollution purifies the mind.
We’ve been cleansed of thoughts of freedom.
And so are free to dream anew
Each stitch of bloodied tapestry.
We give our hearts and pierce our hands
We pray for Yorkshire's industry.
It is not yet autumn,
And still no river flows.
We'll taste no purer water
Than our pneumonic spume.
What depth our colour shows,
Here all fašades are ashen,
Where only choking choler
Will loose the chaining collar.
Bite down hard on what they throw you,
A scrap of life you'll never know.
The delicate flavour soon forgotten,
Ever guilt will taunt the tongue.
As time will tick away a youth
Now gone, displaced by dawn.
It is not yet autumn,
But soon no leaves will fall.
And no sweet scent can mask
The stink of furnace slag.
Beds of mass gan
:iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0
People in Glass Houses
First day entering the house, an aquarium
Watching every second on fisheye TV
Wish I could forget but recorded is remembered
Thirty seven hours when you're better than your own.
Everything glazed, not just the eyeballs
I left my conscience with the guard at the desk
Signed my role to expedite the exit
How lucky I am. Luck chokes.
Seconds ticking past and I'm working too hard
All the paper pushed is someone pushed to far
People in glass houses, why don't you throw stones?
Docketed families, crated lives
Deadlines passing, was the post in time?
How many futures in the cupboard today?
In the kingdom of the database, love is blind.
Switch on, booting slowly seconds saved
The longer I take is another you're free
But no, too late, shelved front of the queue
Files to the Mountain, bodies to the cell.
Minutes rattled off turning people into code
Every keystroke is a swordstroke
I may never hear your voice but the echo never fades
It's harder on the head than the back
There's a weight of more t
:iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0
Breathe deep, swallow lungfuls
Sweet perfume, heady scent indeed
Disconnecting, all is eyes, all is noise
Overwhelming, children pacified.
Freedom, they call this concession
That only when we shout dissent
Are we subject to such repression
All things must we delegate
Particulate vaporous condensation
Examine closely the particulars
haven't we made coherent argument?
Don't they count the tears on ballot cards?
Nothing to hide, nothing to choke on
Sick to the stomach, breathing nausea
I cannot cry for the tears
Be assured, you need not explain
Elucidate, control the television
Lucidity, a light we're denied
Declaim as madness our sedition
I only want to speak
Now despairing, choking words
Inflammatory phrase aloud
Inflamed we bleed, inflamed revulsion!
Nothing to breathe, nothing to fear
Our eyes don't dry for the burning
Oh! the tears will flow long after
Our song is melancholic indeed
For we've lost much along this road
Yet still we sing of
:iconchammadai:Chammadai 1 0
Gothic Suit with Blue Leggings Front + Back by Chammadai Gothic Suit with Blue Leggings Front + Back :iconchammadai:Chammadai 1 0 Gothic Suit with Blue Leggings by Chammadai Gothic Suit with Blue Leggings :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0 Gothic LBD by Chammadai Gothic LBD :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 2 A Few Minor Adjustments by Chammadai A Few Minor Adjustments :iconchammadai:Chammadai 1 0 Chair, Pen and Beer 1 (Painted) by Chammadai Chair, Pen and Beer 1 (Painted) :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0 Chair, Pen and Beer 1 (Pencil) by Chammadai Chair, Pen and Beer 1 (Pencil) :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0 Red and Black Dress by Chammadai Red and Black Dress :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 1 Green Suit by Chammadai Green Suit :iconchammadai:Chammadai 0 0

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Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
Yes, yes it does. I didn't look at this page for ages then slowly drifted back into it.

I haven't abandoned my old love of Metal music and its multifarious spawn, so I've set up a new blog & DA page dedicated to my favourite face-ripping noise, and respectively. I've started reposting some of the older work from this account on there, & I'll be reposting more in the next few weeks, along with my latest project, Hamerex' forthcoming album. They feature heavily anyway.

As for this page, I'll be using it for personal work, such as the development of my new direction - shoes. It's very bloody difficult to find pretty shoes that fit my stupid bony feet & display my corpse at its most aesthetic appropriacy, so I've decided to make my own. My previous experience in sculpture means I should, with a little practice, be able to make some quite attractive pieces of footwear. I realised that in a way I have been designing shoes for years as part of illustrations whcih are otherwise unrelated, like my old warhammer vampire illustrations. I'll be practicing my woodworking skills over the next few months, & I plan to have my first pair of shoes made by the end of January. If they turn out well, I'll give serious consideration to doing it long-term. I've uploaded some of my sketches & designs produced so far; I'll be photographing my practice carvings as well.
  • Listening to: New Model Army
  • Reading: Ursual K. Le Guin - The Dispossessed


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